Choices for Eternity

Choose to be Inclusive with our Brothers and Sisters

Sacrament Meeting: 06/4/2023

Presiding: Bishop Carr Krueger

Conducting: Jaime Menendez

Pianist: Ethan Jensen

Chorister: Lauren Cassidy

Opening Hymn: 58 Come ye Children of the Lord 

Invocation:  Raven Wills

Ward & Stake Business

Sacrament Hymn: 195 How Great the Wisdom and the Love 

Administration of the Sacrament 


Closing Hymn: 219 Because I Have Been Given Much

Benediction: Luke Nicolds




2023 THEME

Additional Information

Ward Leadership

Bishop Carr Krueger Contact the Exec. Sec. Kip Simonsen for Appointment 801-404-1852

1st Counselor Richard Watt 801-472-039 Contact the Brandon Wegrowski for Appointment 951-743-6466

2nd Counselor Jaime Menendez 509-761-8210 Contact the Trevor Holmes for Appointment 801-696-6091

Exec. Secretary Kip Simonsen 801-404-1852

Asst. Exec. Secretary Brandon Wegrowski 951-743-6466

Asst. Exec. Secretary Trevor Holmes 801-696-6091

Ward Clerk Courtney Booke 801-623-2232

Elders Quorum President Ethan Crowley 720-270-3825

Relief Society President MaKell Hyatt 801-717-5323

Communications Holly Magnusson 801-691-9487 or Mitch Bown 801-231-1466

Ward Activities Morgan Blaney 801-310-6204 or Ryan Fenn 909-732-5804

Home Evening Aubrey Clement 530-807-7884, Kurt Shipley 385-275-4077

High Council Rep. Eli Miller 801-960-7361

Missionaries 385-260-9207

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Spiritual Thought

the "joyful" 27th ward

"Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith."

President Thomas S. Monson